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Beef Bacon

Typically bacon (and our favorite nitrate free bacon) is sources from a part of the pig called the pork belly.  This is a fatty, boneless area of the pig that packs a lot of flavor and can be cut easily to make strips.  In beef bacon, it is sources from the meat of the belly, nearest the flank of the cow.

So why choose beef bacon?

Aside from bacon enthusiasts who simply would like to branch out from pork belly bacon, there is a group of health conscious consumers that want to ensure they are getting enough omega 3’s in their diet.  Without getting into too much detail about the ratios between omega 3 and omega 6’s in your diet, when one consumes grass-fed beef (butter or cheese from grass-fed cows) there is a better set of health-promoting fats present.  

Consuming grass fed over grain fed beef promotes Omega 3 fatty acids, which then in turn promotes prevention or treatment of a long list of diseases including inflammatory diseases, hypertension and coronary artery disease.

The high Omega 3 fatty acids present in grass fed beef, allow health-conscious consumers to eat bacon with a little less guilt, lots of flavor and texture and some more health promoting effects than traditional American style pork belly bacon, even nitrate free bacon.

How beef bacon and how it differs from pork belly bacon:
• Beef bacon tastes a lot more meaty, with less fat and more flesh to bite into
• Health-conscious consumers have the option to eat grass-fed bacon
• Leaner option are available in beef bacon that pork belly bacon
• Beef bacon is much lower in saturated fat
• A good option for religious persons who are discouraged or forbidden from eating pork

Beef bacon is particularly popular in some Muslim countries and is available in many Halal stores.  Sometimes it is referred to as breakfast beef or beef fry/frye.

There are some arguments that beef bacon is simply not a good substitute for pork bacon.  In our non-expert, foodie opinions, anything can be prepared deliciously, using a great savory spice blend, full flavor fats where needed for lean meats and proper cooking techniques.
Some argue that beef bacon has a more mellow and toothsome characteristic and is ultimately preferred not from habit or religious preferences, but because they prefer the taste of beef over pork naturally.

Either way, beef bacon is available not only in Halal stores, but at Whole Foods market and other specialty markets.  Beef bacon is becoming increasingly popular, so it should not be too difficult to find.  Give it a whirl to see what your thoughts are on the differences in fat, flavor and texture.  Just like we recommend nitrate free bacon, we are also huge fans of grass-fed beef for obvious health reasons.  Once you go grass-fed, you will never want to go back.

If you like to do-it-yourself, pick up a beef brisket, a brining container or bucket (even gallon ziplock bags will work), some kitchen twine and a smoker and some basic YouTube videos and make your own delectable, healthy beef bacon.