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Canadian Bacon

Bacon enthusiasts do not overlook the flavor and uniqueness of Canadian Bacon.  Canadian Bacon is vastly different from traditional American bacon for several reasons:

• Traditional American bacon is sourced from the pork belly of the pig, giving the almost 50/50 ratio of fat vs. meat.  Canadian bacon is sourced from the pork loin of the pig, with only a small amount of the pork belly included.
• Canadian bacon is typically shaped in a round or oval shape vs strips.  This is due to the shape of the pork loin vs. the pork belly.
• Also, the cut of Canadian bacon is typically a thick cut vs traditional American bacon where the cut is typically thin cut unless specified thick cut
• Canadian bacon has a taste and texture closely related to ham
• The flavor is typically much juicier and sweeter than pork belly bacon
• Dieters rejoice in high protein to fat ratio found in Canadian Bacon, vs the high fat to protein ratio of traditional pork belly bacon

Of course in Canada, Canadian bacon is just called “bacon” and may have evolved from a different type of bacon called “peameal” bacon where it is sourced from the pork loin, but there is no cut of pork belly included and the loin was coated in peameal.  This is also the basic/typical form of bacon found in the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world that were British occupied for long periods of time.

Canadian bacon is just as versatile as American bacon.  It is commonly used in many dishes from breakfast to dinner.  As a breakfast food, it is found to be served as a side meat or a layer typically included in Eggs Benedict.  As a lunch or dinner food, it is typically found on pizzas (Hawaiian style!), sandwiches and salads.  It can be baked (not too long), fried (better with supporting fats because it is so lean) or grilled.  Again, the meat is lean so to keep the moistness, it is best to use supporting fats or liquids when heating.  

Canadian bacon is a great low-carb option for dieters as well.  Pinterest includes a plethora of “egg cups” or “mini quiches” that replace a typical wheat-based crust with a slice of Canadian bacon for those looking for a tasty and healthy replacement.  This is also a commonly found meal prep suggestion for those with gluten sensitivities.  Being a lean protein, Canadian bacon is deemed a healthy go-to meat for dieters.  It is a suggested meat for South Beach, Paleo and Adkins diets.  On the flip side, the brining process introduces a large amount of sodium into the bacon, so it is not a recommended food for those watching their sodium intake.  

Is Canadian Bacon nitrate free bacon?  It all depends on the brine used and if sodium nitrite is part of the brine.  Food manufacturers are seeing consumers’ demands for nitrate free bacon products increase over time and typically take pride and label their products if it is nitrate free.  It is also easy to scan the ingredients and insure that you do not see any include the word “nitrate” or “nitrite”.